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Lotus Charm

Lotus Charm


The #3 Quarrelsome Star is an unwelcomed star that brings problems associated with arguments, misunderstands, along with unstable moods and hostility. At its worst, it leads to a destroyed relationship that requare court cases to settle. There is a propensity that the feelings of hosility, impatience, and intolerance may come your way from your inner strenth when you get hit by this argumentative energy.


The ebst remedy to dispel this arguemntative nergy and to sooth your mind is the lotus flower. A lotus is able to emergy from muddy water un-spoilt and pure, symbolizing peace, calmness, and purity in the mind, speech, and body. To reduce the quarrelsome energy, carry a lotus lucky charm with you.


Product Dimensions

Height: 0.5 in (lotus); 5.25 in (w/ string)

Length: 1 in

Width: 1 in

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