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Regardless of if you are in your lucky period based on your time of birth or have a good luck prediction during a certain year, if you go against the No Renovation rules, misfortune will creep up on you!It is especially important that everyone follows the No Renovation Rules each year.  Do not disturb the energy of Tai-Sui, Facing Tai-Sui, Three Killings, and Five Yellow (Misfortune #5) by digging, banging, or tearing down walls.  Doing so will bring severe loss, accidents, surgery, or various forms of misfortune, not only to yourself, but to the members of your household and even your neighbors.  Travel to those directions with caution!

  • Tai-Sui is also known as God of the year (Jupiter).

  • Facing Tai-Sui is the direction/sector that faces or is opposite of the Tai-Sui location.

  • The Three Killings is an annual star with inauspicious energy that brings misfortune

No Renovation 2023.jpg


The energy changes every year. In order to keep track of where it travels, we give them a name "flying star" and assign them a number. Each star also has a lucky color and element associated with them.

Star #1 white:    Fame, victory, promotion, success, traveling, relationship.
                            Element: Water

Star #2 black:    Sickness, illness, surgery.  

                             Element: Earth

Star #3 jade:      Quarreling, misunderstanding, legal matters, conflict.

                             Element: Wood

Star #4 green:    Scholastic luck, mentor luck, relationships, promotion.

                             Element: Wood

Star #5 yellow:  Loss, accidents, surgery, illness, severe mishaps.

                             Element: Earth

Star #6 white:    Power, authority, mentors, wealth, children.

                             Element: Metal

Star #7 red:       Robbery, burglary, litigation, loss of wealth, surgery,

                            accidents related to Metal.  Element: Metal

Star #8 white:   Wealth, gain, children, all kinds of good luck.

                            Element: Earth

Star #9 purple:  Fire, loss, happy occasions, birth
                            Element: Fire

Location of Yearly Flying Star.png
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