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Brass Pichu Pair

Brass Pichu Pair



The Pi-Chu (aka Bi-Xie) is known to be fiece looking creature with the head of a dragon. a pair of wings, and a large mouth that is usually open, ready to find fortune and wealth to being back to his master. Legends say that the Pi-Chu is the ninth offspring of the dragon, a creature who has a large obsession with silver, gold, and jewels--maybe that's where the Pi-Chu gets it's penchant for wealth from.Not only does it bring wealth to his master, but it also helps to ward off "Sha", an inauspicious energy, protecting his master from the harm of "Tai-Sui". This is a must have amulet when you are encountering said energy.


Place in the Northest and Southwest sector of your home.Comes in a pair.


Product Dimensions (for one pichu)

Height: 5 inch

Length: 4.5 inch

Width: 2.5 inch

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